My Favorite Animal Sanctuaries and Organizations

The featured image was captured from the Tiger Lake Catwalk during a Facebook Live Video from Big Cat Rescue!

This is a list of my favorite animal sanctuaries. Most will be GFAS accredited. Some may also be accredited by the ASA. But not all will be accredited by either one, but are definitely the good guys.

  1. Big Cat Rescue
  2. The Wildcat Sanctuary
  3. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge
  4. The Wild Animal Sanctuary
  5. Popcorn Park Animal Refuge *NOTE: They call themselves a zoo, but they aren’t. They are a rescue. They have worked with accredited sanctuaries many times before. They are definitely one of the good guys!
  6. In-Sync Exotics
  7. Alaqua Animal Refuge *NOTE: They have been featured in the Animal Planet show “Animal PD,” which I LOVE (but Nat Geo Wild decided not to renew it)!
  8. Lions Tigers and Bears in Alpine, California *NOTE: Be sure not to confuse this place with the bad one in Arcadia, Florida. This one is FANTASTIC! They help other sanctuaries all the time. They once helped transport a some Bobcats and Cougars from a facility in South Dakota down to Big cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. The founder is a wonderful woman!
  9. Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary
  10. Carolina Tiger Rescue *NOTE: They aren’t accredited but are definitely one of the good guys.
  11. Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch
  12. Black Pine Animal Sanctuary
  13. Forest Animal Rescue
  14. Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance
  15. Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
  16. Pride Rock Wildlife Refuge
  17. Tigers In America
  18. International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW)
  19. Humane Society of the United States

These are the sanctuaries I recommend because I know more about them than others. Check out the GFAS and ASA websites that I linked above and you will find many more facilities you can visit and support. These are just my purrsonal favorites. Overtime, I may add more to this list, so check back here periodically. I’m always looking into new places!

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