Big Cat Rescue Releases 3 Rehabilitated Bobcats Into the Wild!

Featured image from Brittany Mira!

They have done it again! Big Cat Rescue has successfully rehabbed and released not one, not two, but three Bobcats. They were all rescued around Saint Patrick’s Day, so they were named Lucky, Clover, and Shamrock. They did very well in their rehab and were successfully released back into the wild. It was a historic release for BCR because they have never released more than three Bobcats at a time. They were released on thousands of pristine acres where they can be safely away from people. It was one of Jamie’s (the President of BCR) favorite release sites, and from the looks of it, it is one of mine too. Bobcat releases are always bittersweet because you watch the cats grow and you fall in love with them. That’s the bitter part. But the sweet part is knowing they are where they are supposed to be: in the wild. Jamie set up camera traps around the release site so be sure to watch Big Cat Rescue’s Facebook page and Jamie’s Big Cat Rescue Facebook page for any images captured of them.

There is a lot to learn about Big Cat Rescue’s Rehab and Release program! Read all about it here!

Enjoy videos below of the release in both standard and 360 formats!

For the Rehab Bobcats,

International Animal Welfare



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